Beyond Limits Road Show by Trevor Ketler & Carl Schultz

Join us!  Trevor Ketler and Carl Schultz as we move you Beyond Your Limits.

The Beyond Limits 2015 tour kicks off 29 January.

After this experience, you will have the tools to move Beyond your Limits

You don’t want to miss this one.

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What does it take to move beyond your Limits?

… or are you going to stay where you are and just blame the world?


  • your personal life is in a rut
  • your business is not growing as you would like
  • your relationships are a little shaky …

When Pareto first came up with the 80/20 rule concept, he observed that 80% of Italy’s wealth was received by 20% of the Italian population. This also means that 20% of the population were doing something different that the 80% were not doing. This is so significant that it also applies in all areas of life and asks a lot of questions:

  • Why are some people more successful than others?
  • Why are some people more popular and have loads of friends?
  • Why are some people more wealthier than others?

So, it is true to say that 80 percent of your outcomes come from 20 percent of your inputs. Not everyone wants to be a 20 percenter, and that is ok. But everyone wants a little more than what they have in some area of their lives. All we have to do is exert our efforts in the right places and by the law of averages, things have to change. Most people do not know where to start or what to do to achieve.

Join Carl Schultz and Trevor Ketler for one day and …

…  find out how you can really change the things in your life to




 Carl will be showing you how to turn your

Liabilities into Assets to go

Beyond Your Limits

Have you ever convinced yourself that your big dream or your vision for your life was just a story and that it is not really meant to be, or have you ever convinced yourself that you did not really want something because you have tried and failed once too often?

Sometimes when we cannot get what we want, we pretend that we never wanted it anyway.  We disqualify ourselves all the time.

During my session I am going to show you how easy it is to turn your biggest liability or obstacle into your greatest asset.

  • Do you know what will give you the EDGE in life, in your career or business?
  • Do you know what your EDGE is?
  • Do we have the EDGE?

We are all creatures of habit and our habits drive our actions and outcomes.

Learn how to create habits for success that will guarantee real lasting change and success.

I will share with you my formula for success and show you how to use this formula in all areas of your life to go Beyond Your Limits.

This session is practical and will leave you motivated and ready to move beyond your limits.




Trevor will be sharing with you how you can change your life by applying the

Secrets to Selling You 

This motivating and extremely humorous talk will show you ways to create the right Impact that persuades people to buy into you. It aids the sales person to successfully manage right decisions of the customer. It helps people develop long-lasting relationships and to ensure that they are maintained.


  • Learn the power of creating the High Impact in your life to attract others to want to be around you
  • Discover ways of creating that business edge and in so doing generate more business.
  • Learn to create a positive image to gain trust and respect.
  • Discover the ways to motivate the prospective customer into a paying customer.
  • Learn a novel way to create a conversation that discovers common ground that builds rapport.
  • Enhance your Presentation skills that allow the customer to buy your ‘package’.
  • Find out the ways to incorporate humour.
  • Master your mind and think more positively even when things are not going that well
  • Sell yourself, your product and your company more effectively to create success
  • Become an expert in your field and market yourself better
  • Get your foot in the door each and every time and be on top of your game…


Who will benefit:

If you:

  • need that extra push and motivation to change your direction in life
  • are not closing deals and meeting budgets
  • have the desire to strengthen your relationships at home, at work, in life
  • are wanting to become a more successful entrepreneur
  • are in sales or not and want to create more confidence …

… then this is for you.

Book you seat today for only R 897.00 ex. VAT 


 If you prefer a session specifically for your company, let us know.


See what others have said:


“Highly recommended course.  Great content, just wish it were longer.”

Keith Edmeades  –  The Achievement Spectrum

“Brilliant course to attend.  It has really opened my eyes and will make a huge difference for me in my industry and also change my outlook towards others.”

Cindy van Wyk  –  Rhino Valves

“Thank you so much, this has changed the way I see things. I can’t wait to implement what I have learned.”

Arno Pieterse  –  CEO The Perfect Link

“I walked out of the seminar more motivated with a great amount of confidence towards a positively greater future.”

Chantal Williams – Joy Global 

Due to popular demand the Roadshow has been extended.

Here are the dates for a city near you:

Let us present this seminar at your Company for you

Money Back Guarantee!

Money Back Guarantee

 If you are not entirely happy with the value you receive from this workshop we will give you a full refund. 100% Money Back Guaranteed.

Book your seat today for only R897!



If you are not able to book online, please call +27 (0)11 468 1320 to book your seat.

We look forward to meeting you at one of our Beyond Limits events.

Trevor Ketler & Carl Schultz


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