Time Management Course

In our busy environment, there is never enough time to do all the activities we want to do. As a result, we focus on less important issues whilst overlooking the important ones. This results in frustration and a lack of personal satisfaction.


Course ObjeTime Managementctives

This program is designed to highlight what the causes of time wasters are and how to eliminate them to generate more income, more satisfaction and a better working relationship with others.

This one day workshop will assist in improving your time management dramatically through more effective planning, task prioritising, strategic delegating, being in control of your environment, understanding yourself and identifying what you should change about your habits, routines and attitude.



  • Analyse all your activities and focus on the ones that are important
  • Know the difference between Urgent and Important tasks
  • Make effective use of a diary and manage it as a time-saving tool
  • Identify and eliminate the time-wasters that creep into our day
  • Creating a plan that works best for you and apply the tools that assist you to maintain it
  • Learn how best to delegate tasks using tools that will speed up your decision-making
  • Manage your environment to eliminate any obstacle that prevents you from maintaining your plan
  • Develop a range of practical tools and techniques to improve your Time Management daily
  • Learn how easy it is to say NO in the best possible way that motivates the other person and still maintain a good working relationship
  • Learn ways of getting things done immediately and not leave them for another day.



KETLER PRESENTATIONS is registered with Services SETA (decision number 0494) for the provision of education and training in this course.

Who will benefit?

Any person having difficulty maintaining time schedules and constraints. Ideal for Managers, Executives, Entrepreneurs, Secretaries, Sales people, Project Managers, etc.



1 Day


Maximum 12



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