Team Building Workshop


The objective of this programme is to develop the skills to understand the team, it’s functions, strengths, weaknesses and abilities, and understand and work within the team dynamics. The workshop reinforces the skills required to build, strengthen and maintain the team. The team will be introduced to the Brainstormer, a unique and novel way to solve problems, generate buy-in from employees or clients or where action plans need to be developed.


  • Understand themselves through the gaining of personal insights and awareness
  • Understand differences in people’s behaviour
  • Develop skills in maintaining team strengths and managing them
  • Understand the Leadership model
  • Share their feelings and ideas on specific issues as set out with the organisation co-ordinator
  • Set action plans on the agreed outcomes
  • Make relevant changes within the organisation
  • Enhance teamwork amongst fellow employees

Who will benefit?

All people within the team who are required to solve problems and issues where buy-in from the organisation is required and action plans need to be developed.


KETLER PRESENTATIONS is registered with the Services SETA (decision number 0494).


2 Days


Minimum 10



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