Supervisory Skills Course

Effective managers have a huge impact on the bottom line in most organisations, but they also represent their organisation 24 hours a day, seven days a week, making them business agents for their respective companies.

Are your Managers / Supervisors your Business Agent?

In just 3 days…


  • Learn how to motivate others towards established company directives
  • Learn the Skills for Effective Supervisory methods and best practices
  • Acquire the knowledge of management etiquette for Supervisors on and off the job
  • Develop effective communication and leadership skills coupled with a vision toward goal achievement.

This 3-day intensive Supervisory Skills Course will:

  • Develop Supervisory skills through the use of assertiveness.
  • Allow delegates to discover their own potential to give them the confidence to relate towards their team members.
  • Develop the necessary skills to achieve both personal and company objectives.

This Supervisory Skills course includes the following modules:

  • Develop personal Confidence in engaging with peers and managing varied situations
  • Communicate effectively to generate buy-in
  • Develop, control and change personal Attitudes in understanding themselves and others more effectively
  • Communicate with purpose to “say what you mean, mean what you say”
  • Creating a better understanding of Image to gain further respect
  • Create the effectiveness to ensuring how we and others see us in a more positive light
  • Developing skills in becoming a friendlier person
  • Understanding, achieving and creating Goals
  • Seeing the best in others and learning ways in expressing them
  • Managing our Time more effectively
  • Organising ourselves more effectively to be able to organise others
  • Dealing with, and getting support from our Internal Customers
  • Create a better understanding of ourselves and others through Interpersonal skills
  • Problem solving and decision making skills
  • Delegating made easier

What others have said:

“Thank you for helping me find a way to better myself”

Anke Storm, Marketing Manager, Cosmopolitan Projects

Who will benefit?

 Any person in middle to upper management, either newly appointed or currently practicing as a Supervisor or Manager who wishes to gain confidence in their supervisory skills.


This Supervisory Skills course is registered with the Services SETA (decision number 0494).



Duration:  3 Days

Delegates:  Maximum 20


Cost per Delegate:  R 4, 500.00 excl. VAT



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