Strategic Presentation Skills (2 Days)

Strategic Presentation Skills

Find out what Professional Presenters do to make their presentations so successful  …

– every time they stand up to present.


Is this YOU …?


  • Strategic Presentation SkillsDo you turn into a nervous wreck when asked to make a presentation?
  • Do you fumble for words – or even worse – mumble your way through?
  • Do you sway nervously from foot to foot and clutch your hands?
  • Does your presence lack Strategic Presentation Skills
  • Do people yawn and fidget while you frantically look for an escape route?
  • Do you silently pray the floor will open up and swallow you up?
  • Are you not getting the buy-in you planned for?

You are not alone!

People just like you, who thought they could never speak in front of an audience, have gained confidence and the strategic presentation skills they need to become brilliant speakers and presenters.

In just 2 days, this Strategic Presentations Skills (2 days) course will help you to:

  • Have access to a proven and highly successful Strategic presentation format that will create more audience buy-in. This is an infallible tool that cannot be missed.
  • How to effectively make use of the various types of presentation aids that will enhance any presentation.
  • Ensure that you get BUY-IN from every strategic presentation.
  • Know how to create effective visuals that work hand-in-hand with your presentation so you look more professional and in control.
  • Learn how the professionals prepare for success.
  • Develop skills of handling questions.
  • Learn how to deliver an unprepared(impromptu) talk quickly, effectively and professionally – and still get buy-in.
  • Create a positive and assertive impact on the audience. If they like you, they will listen – if they listen, they will buy in.
  • Create a professional image that the audience can relate to. Find out ways how to create respect.
  • Develop positive attitudes towards yourself and the audience. If you are sure of yourself, the audience will be sure of you.
  • Learn how to be successful when need to present Standing with or without a camera, Sitting with a small group, Multi Media Presentations, Video Conferencing and much more.

Delegates will be video recorded and will receive a personalised recording of all exercises

What others have said:

“A big thanks to Ketler Presentations. The past two days’ of training in Strategic Presentation Skills has changed my approach to my work, and will no doubt have an immense impact on the future successes of my businesses.”

GJ Wentzel – Managing Director at ActiveCare Rehabilitation

“KETLER PRESENTATIONS have put together an amazing, mind-blowing, informative and inspiring course. To go through this experience one will never be the same again.”

  Vuyani Kwindla – Manager (Rance Timbers)


” Not only have I learnt several new skills, I feel more confident even when talking to new people – in and out of the business environment. A positive experience”.

Hendrik Steenkamp – Consultant ( Hot Dip Galvanisers Association)


“I started the course with very little experience on presentation skills. I am now confident to volunteer to do most presentations at our company”.

Koketso Mohloto – Consultant (PWM)

This Strategic Presentation Skills (2 days) course is designed to equip presenters with the skills of effectively selling their ideas to generate successful results. Whilst the presenter has only that one opportunity to deliver the idea, it needs to be presented in such a way that will create an impact on the audience to achieve the desired outcome.


Delegates will require the skills to:

  •      Create a positive and assertive impact on the audience
  •      Identify specific strategic communication skills
  •      Use professional image to create respect
  •      Develop positive attitudes towards themselves and the audience
  •      Know how to prepare a talk quickly and effectively
  •      Be able to deliver a professional talk without the use of notes
  •      Design a proven and effective strategic presentation format that  will create more audience buy-in
  •      Turn “Death by PowerPoint” into “Victory by PowerPoint”
  •      Handle questions effectively and still maintain audience control
  •      Think on their feet and overcome “Stage Fright”
  •      Make effective use of the various types of presentation aids: Microphones, Autocues, Flip Chart, Screen Setup, Pointers and Presenters (Remotes)
  •      Become effective in the various types of presentations including: Platform Speaking, Multimedia, Business Presentations, Seated, Team, Video Conferencing (skype).

On completion of the Strategic Presentation Skills course, the presenter will have put all the above skills into practice, which will create a more professional image. People will only buy from people they respect. To earn that respect, the presenter must portray an image of confidence, assertiveness and be seen to know exactly where they are going. The course will provide a unique format that will assist in confidence and a sense of surety. Presenters have only one opportunity at presenting their ideas and should they fail, there is no going back. This course will ensure that that the presenter is invited back!

 Who will benefit?

Any person whose function it is to generate buy-in from clients, peers, management, etc. Sales people, managers, project managers, company directors, marketers will all benefit greatly. Platform speakers who want to get results by selling strategically on stage.


KETLER PRESENTATIONS is registered with Services SETA for the provision of education and training.


2 Days


Maximum 12



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