Strategic Power Selling Course

Is your Sales Team capable of thinking and selling Strategically?


The majority of people are capable of making a sale …

Power Sales

… however many prospects are lost in the process. We have only one opportunity with a prospect and if we fail to convince them during the first interaction, the chance of sending them to the competitor is huge.

Now you can turn any prospect into a satisfied customer.

Find out exactly how to:

  • Strategically engage with the prospect and know what makes them tick
  • Be in control to successfully manage the customer’s decisions to ensure that long relationships are maintained
  • Acquire the skills to ensure that the customer owns your product
  • Ensure that you get BUY-IN from every presentation

 This 3-day intensive Power Sales Course will:

  • Restore your self-confidence and business-confidence
  • Reduce the amount of lost sales
  • Create additional prospects and sales
  • Give you the edge on your competitors
  • Show you how to sell and survive in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

This course is designed to develop the skills required to deal effectively with the customer, both externally and internally and will cover the following modules:

  • Learn how to analyse the person both face to face and telephonically to build and create rapport.
  • Discover ways of creating that business edge to generate more business.
  • Create a positive image that creates a business edge .
  • Learn the 5 steps of Strategic Selling to ensure the customer makes the right decision.
  • Understanding effective prospecting, marketing and account development.
  • Smoking out hidden objections.
  • Have a useful and flexible Power Presentation format.

After 3 days …

On completion of the course, the delegates will have achieved in the following areas:

  • Develop the skills to read, understand and uniquely present to any prospect.
  • Become the expert of your industry to attract more leads.
  • Using a positive image strategically to gain trust and respect.
  • Apply the 5 steps of Strategic Selling to obtain more positive results.
  • Apply the tools to successfully prospect, market and develop accounts.
  • Handle concerns that cause the prospect to say “NO”.
  • Walk away with a useful and flexible Strategic Sales format that works every time.
  • Learn how to be constantly motivated even when you don’t feel it.

Who will benefit?

Any person within the organisation that deals with internal and external customers, whether face to face or telephonically and wishes to perform effective Strategic Power Sales. Ideal for both experienced and new sales people.


This Strategic Power Sales Course is registered with the Services SETA (decision number 0494).

“This course has been an amazing eye-opener in the way things have changed in the market place and the required new way of thinking to prepare oneself for how sales are moving in the future”       

Jonathan Moyle – Pferd South Africa


Duration:   3 Days             Delegates  Maximum 12


Cost per delegate:    R 4 950-00 excluding Vat


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