Strategic Negotiation Skills

Are your Negotiations holding you back?

Well, now is the time to stand up for you –

because no-one else is going to!!


In just 3 days …

– Get a deeper insight into the negotiation process that will put you in charge

– Learn how to master the skills of win/win negotiations to create win-win situations

– Gain confidence in interpersonal skills and build rapport by matching their style

– Learn how to anticipate responses to manage a transition from negotiation to sale

– Discover how you can create and maintain control

– Discover how Negotiations fit into a process that successfully closes the deal.


This 3-day intensive Negotiation Skills Course will:

  • Restore your self-confidence and business confidence
  • Reduce the amount of lost sales
  • Give you the edge on your competitors.

 This course is designed to provide a deeper insight into the strategy of the negotiation process. Learn the skills needed to master Win/win negotiations, gain confidence in interpersonal skills, how to anticipate responses and manage them as well as managing the transition from sales to negotiation to a successful close. It will provide the tools on how to bargain and close the deal more easily and effectively.

Delegates will cover the following modules:

  •  Positioning yourself Strategically

– Plan to create a Win/Win result

– Using Interpersonal Skills to enhance your control

  • Understanding the Negotiation Process

 – Utilise the Decision-Making Process

– Planning the 5 Steps of Negotiation

  • Preparation Techniques

– Design effective checklists

– Develop Negotiation Goals

– Identifying both party’s Strengths and Weaknesses and using them for Control

  •  Positioning the Negotiation

– Creating a positive Controlling environment

– Develop a First Impression that will generate control

– Making the most of your Power

  • Dynamic Presentation Strategies

 – Create the ideal outcome

– Using the Presentation to gain control

– Create strategies for quick reactions

– Eliciting responses

  • Bargaining Tactics

– How to handle concessions

– Maintaining control over tactics, dirty tricks and threats

– Handle objections and concerns

– Make the most of effective questioning techniques

  • How to Close the deal in your favour

– Creating confident closing techniques


This course is registered with the Services SETA (decision number 0494).


Who will benefit?

Any person involved with negotiating, planning the negotiation, Sales people, Managers, Project Managers, Leaders, NGO’s, Government, etc.



Maximum 16                 


3 days




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