Problem Solving Technique Skills

    Problem Solving Techniques


The objective of this program is having the ability to understand the methodology of solving problems and knowing the steps to reach a positive outcome. The delegates will be able to identify different personality styles and relate to each other in order to solve issues.


Delegates will acquire the skills to:

  • know and understand the different problem solving styles to operate within and know their Problem-solving potential
  • understand performance components
  • know the inference types
  • understand interpersonal styles and how to adapt your behaviour to solve problems
  • develop extreme confidence in tackling problems by applying the steps in defining a problem
  • identify where one is at and what one wishes to achieve, ensuring the gaps are successfully identified within the situation that makes solving problems easier
  • analyse the situation and environment by developing a SWOT analysis that creates the platform to negotiate
  • make fast and accurate decisions by implementing the 4-Problem-solving Questions

The ability to solve problems will assist an organisation to overcome issues that may cause hostility, friction, unhappiness and unnecessary stress among employees, departments and management. Unsolved problems generate additional costs to organisations that can be easily avoided.


This course is registered with the Services SETA (decision number 0494).

Who will benefit?

Any person who is required to solve problems in the employment capacity, social environment, personal lives. This course is ideal for project managers, company directors, management, sales people, government personnel, etc.


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