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There is a genius in each one of us and it therefore becomes our responsibility to unleash it and become the human being we were created to be.

What makes some people successful while others consistently battle?

Why do some excel in certain tasks when others don’t?

Why do 20% become leaders and 80% the followers?


Your mind is the foundation to changing any aspect of your life. You are where you are today due to the programming you have correctly or incorrectly developed over your lifetime. Whether you are happy where your life has brought you or not, you can change it – no matter what your age is!

You are an extremely powerful being that constantly affects the world and those people around you, but most of us don’t recognize that power.

You need to know how to exert that power to change the way you have programmed your mind that reacts to situations – rather than control them.

By applying special techniques to control your mind and thought patterns, you can learn the tools to:

  • influence the world around you,
  • create situations that are so favourable that they will allow you to begin to achieve the life you are most deserving of,
  • master your ambitions
  • live a life of deep fulfillment, contentment and success
  • find new ways to solve problems, overcome worry and stress
  • consistently apply a heightened emotional intelligence.
  • activate creative thinking

By applying a few tools, you will:

  • Generate more productivity
  • See life in a better way
  • Become more optimistic
  • Have more fulfilling relationships — both at work and in your private lives

Mind Power is not a gift – but a skill and anyone everyone has the key to achieve this.

In just 1 day, you will learn how to finally:

  • Handle stress and eliminate it forever
  • Be able to influence and motivate others
  • Become more productive and enjoy what you do
  • Learn to be constantly in control of your mind
  • Improve self confidence, self respect and self esteem
  • Eliminate negative beliefs and develop success attitudes
  • Improve creativity, problem solving ability and intuition
  • Control emotions and feelings



KETLER PRESENTATIONS is registered with the Services SETA  (decision number 0494) for the provision of education and training in this course.

Duration:   1  Day              Delegates: Unlimited

Cost per Delegate: R 2 300.00


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