Memory Skills Course

 Find out how you can have a Super Memory

and recall almost anything.

Memory Skills

In just 1 day …

  • Recall 120 unrelated items in sequence.
  • Find out ways to remember numerous lists at one time.
  • Learn how to recall names even long after you had met the person.
  • Know how to strike up a conversation and keep on making interesting dialogue.
  • Learn how to remember numbers, formulae, telephone numbers, dates, etc.

This 1 day intensive Course will:

  • Give you the confidence to recall any information at the right time.
  • Give you the skill to remember almost anything.


This course is designed to develop the skills required to effectively remember any information,

and will cover the following modules:

  • Remember names and have the ability to recall them months after.
  • Recall numbers, dates, times and events.
  • Remember things to do.
  • Have the confidence to remember speeches without the use of notes.
  • Cut studying time by 50% or more.
  • Remember where you parked your car or mislaid your keys and other objects.
  • Starting conversations with complete strangers and continue for hours.
  • Learn various techniques to assist in remembering.
  • … and much more!

This program will help to understand the deeper workings of the brain to develop our own understanding of our own mental potential. As most people do not have a memory problem, what is lacking, is the ability to extract or recall certain information. The course will teach ways of attaching new and old information into the files of the mind and the ability of easily extracting the correct information as and when required. This course is designed to allow the delegates to stimulate their neurotransmitters in the brain, which assists in increasing their memory and mental capacities.


KETLER PRESENTATIONS is registered with the Services SETA (decision number 0494).

Who will benefit?

Anyone who has the desire to develop a better memory to gain more confidence, self-esteem and becoming a friendlier person. With this comes more money and success – whether it is learning new skills, remembering appointments and things to do, remembering names and faces of potential clients, making new friends and contacts – having a better memory makes us more valuable to ourselves and our organisations.


1 day


Maximum 40




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