A unique and novel method to generate Buy-in and Solve Problems


Now your organisation can solve problems, generate buy-in from employees or clients and develop action plans quickly and smoothly.

 Participants will:

  • Contribute to the meeting anonymously
  • Share their feelings and ideas on specific issues as set out with the organisation co-ordinator
  • Set action plans on the agreed outcomes
  • Make relevant changes within the organisation
  • Enhance teamwork amongst fellow employees

The Organisation will:

  • Get buy-in from the participants.
  • Have desired changes within the organisation achieved enthusiastically.
  • Discover the true feelings of the employees and develop positive working relationships between employees and between the organisation and its employees.
  • Empower the employees to develop responsibility.
  • Create trust between the organisation and it’s employees.


KETLER PRESENTATIONS is registered with Services SETA (decision number 0494) for the provision of education and training in this course.

Who will benefit?

All personnel within the organisation, irrespective of their positions, who can add value and anonymously contribute to any required decision, buy-in or issue.

Duration:   1 Day




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