Assertiveness Skills

Assertiveness is not what you do…

…it’s who You areKetler Assertiveness Skills


People just like you, who thought they could never change the world around them, have gained the confidence and skills that they need to become better people, better companions, better leaders.

 Assertiveness is a skill required in every Social and Business situation.

We only get one chance to perform and whatever the result becomes an impression we have created.

 People treat us based on the impression we create. If we do not attempt to change that impression, we may get left behind and overlooked.

In just 3 days, this Assertiveness Skills Course will enable you to: 

Assertiveness Pic

1.  Create a positive and assertive impact on others.

2.  Learn how to project confidence – even when you don’t feel it.

3.  Learn the skills of Assertiveness through strategic and powerful Communication tools.

4.  Learn how to change the attitudes of others quickly and effectively –  AND STILL GET A WIN-WIN!!

5.  Find out how you can create a better image of yourself to become a more  friendlier and trustworthy person.

6.  Learn how to build assertiveness through a clearer understanding of who you are and strategically plan where you want to be.



After having applied the above, you WILL leave with the skills to create more effective relationships with others by understanding yourself better.

You will receive the necessary tools to ensure that you are able to lead people more effectively and confidently both in your private lives and your career.


The minimum measurable results that can be expected:

  • Understanding yourself better to help understand others
  • Have the confidence to deal more effectively with others
  • Consciously apply human relation skills
  • Develop a more assertive behaviour through strategisation
  • Communicate more effectively
  • Present more assertively

Who will Benefit:

Any person interacting with management, team members, clients, etc. Ideal for managers, supervisors, sales people, team leaders, receptionists, frontline personnel, parents, or anyone having issues in developing their level of assertiveness.


What others have said:

“The content goes deep enough that forces one to make positive changes in ones life, both in the business world and personally. I confronted issues that are uncomfortable and unpleasant that one would normally bypass”.

Olivia-Mae Oliver – Namibia Diamond Trading Company

“This course has really added value to both my life and career”.

Desery Van Wyk – First National Bank

 KETLER PRESENTATIONS are practical, interactive and real-time.The conversations have been life-changing.

Linda Ndungane – Auditor General


Duration:  3 Days     

Investment:  R 4 900.00


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