Strategic Marketing – Capture Your Industry


End Cold Calling immediately … and get customers to Cold Call you.


Become your ‘Industry Leader’ and stand out from your peers and competitors and become the expert in your field


People want to associate themselves with successful people, people who are the leaders in their field, people who have integrity, people who are the experts, people who are known and recognised in their community. 


Are you that person? Or … 


Are you taking the scraps from the industry experts? 

Are you having to reduce your rates – just to get the deal? 

Are you battling to get the appointment to even secure a possible deal?


If you can say “Yes” to any one of these, chances are that you’re not really in the business of making money – but purely surviving?



In just 1 day, this Strategic ‘Capture Your Industry’ workshop will help you to:

  • Understand what it takes to get to the top of your industry in a short space of time.
  • Market yourself as an expert.
  • Stand out from your competitors and get them to follow you.
  • Stop cold calling and get customers to find you.
  • Charge more for your product / service and get more sales.


This one-day workshop will provide the participant with the necessary skills to market themselves as an expert to become the leading figure in their industry. This will result in quality business being attracted and more profit on the bottom line.


  • Participants will require the skills to:
    • Market themselves more effectively
    • Learn how to strategically get social media to work for them
    • Use strategic tools to position themselves as the Expert
    • Create an action plan to boost their current status into Expert status

Who will benefit?

Any business including Start-up’s, Entrepreneurs, Intrapreneur, Small to Large Businesses, Corporates, Parastatals, Government Departments.


Duration: 1 Day                     Delegates: Maximum 12


To receive more information or to book your seat, please complete and submit the following Contact Form



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