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Each Subliminal CD comes in two great Music Formats – Ambient Music and Classical Baroque Music.

You can listen to a sample of each Music Format via the player below.

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It is vital to release tension before it affects your health.  Research shows that up to 80% of all illness is stress related.  Relieve stress and achieve a state of calm and well-being.

​“I am calm and relaxed.  I have peace of mind.  I release all blocks to relaxation.  I am relaxed in mind and body.  I love my life.”

Affirmations for the Relaxation & Stress Relief Subliminal CD

I am calm.  I am relaxed.  I am stress free.  I am at peace.  I am free of tension.  I love life.  I am ready to be calm and relaxed.  I am able to remain calm and relaxed.  I am in control of my life.  I am calm and relaxed.  I have peace of mind.  I am mellow and calm.  I deserve relaxation.  I feel calm.  I have the power to relax.  I can feel calm.  I can feel good.  I am peaceful.  I forgive others.  I forgive all.  I can be forgiven.  I forgive myself.  I am forgiven.  I am grateful.  I release all blocks to relaxation.  I am safe and secure.  I have inner peace.  I am absolutely content.  I am able to feel good.  It is natural to feel peaceful.  I accept calmness and relaxation.  I am absolutely safe and loved.  I can be in control.  I have the power to let go.  I can let go.  Peace surrounds me.  I am in control.  I have deep inner calm.  I feel relaxed.  I let go of stress.  I feel serene.  I am soothed.  I am at ease.  I am serene.  I am able to be at peace.  I feel good.  I love myself.  Beautiful tranquility.  I am absolutely a positive person.  Comforting energy flows through me.  I am relaxed in mind and body.  I deserve to relax.  I am tranquil.  I ease up. 

Everything works out well.  I believe I am a relaxed person.  I am peaceful and calm.  I am surrounded by love.  My life is wonderful.  Life is good to me.  Serenity.  Peacefulness.  Calmness.  I create peace in my life.  I create tranquility.  I am ever content.  Happily I am a naturally relaxed person.  I appreciate my calmness.  I am thankful for my contentment.  I feel very calm.  I automatically release and relax.  I feel very tranquil.  I feel very peaceful.  My life is filled with peace and calm.  I feel safe and secure.  I am a calm and relaxed person.  I have all I need to be relaxed.  I am safe and loved.  There is a steady calmness within me.  I am settled.  My pulse is calm and regular.  I am emotionally at ease.  I am harmony.  I am deeply relaxed.  I am confident and content.  I feel deep relaxing calmness.  I feel fantastic.  I react to stimuli in ways that are empowering for me.  I am positive.  I am good.  I am strong.  I am confident.  I believe in myself.  I trust myself.  I feel great.  I feel happy.  I am wonderful.  Life is good to me.  I love my life.


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Subliminal CD Music Formats

Ambient Music, Classical Baroque Music


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