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Each Subliminal CD comes in two great Music Formats – Ambient Music and Classical Baroque Music.

You can listen to a sample of each Music Format via the player below.

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Release your mind power to see your self-image and self-esteem soar, so you can become all you want to be.  Be enthusiastic, motivated and feel fantastic.  Great for overcoming depression.

​“I deserve the best.  I am calm and secure.  I am happy.  I respect myself.  I feel good about myself.”

Affirmations for the Positive Self Image, Self Esteem & Confidence Subliminal CD:

I deserve the best.  I appreciate my life.  I love life.  I like myself.    I forgive others.  I forgive all.  I forgive myself.  I am forgiven.   I am forgiving.  I am powerful.  I am calm and secure.  I feel good.   My life is in harmony.  I feel good.  I love life.  I am positive.  I am happy.  I am good.  I am a deserving, worthy person.  I am strong.  I am confident.  I am a capable person.  I like myself.  I am proud of myself.  I believe in myself.  I feel great.  I feel happy.  I am wonderful.  I am safe and secure.  I trust myself.  Life is good to me.  I want to respect myself.  I am able to respect myself.  I respect myself.  I love my life.  I am liked.  I am accepted.  I am accepting.  Life is good.  Living is fun.  I enjoy life.  I am responsible for me.  I am caring.  I am sharing.  I am loving.  I am loved.  I am safe and secure.  I am optimistic.  I am calm.  I believe in my ideas.  I enjoy people.  I enjoy myself.  I respect my own judgments and opinions.  I improve.  I am relaxed.  I am poised.  I am sufficient.  I am in control.  I have great strength and confidence. My body posture reflects a confident attitude.  I believe life is good to me.  I want to feel good about myself. 

I can feel good about myself.  I feel good about myself.  My personal power makes me feel confident.  I am absolutely worthy.  I project power.  I am self reliant.  I am self assured.  I am positive and determined.  I have the power to succeed.  I trust myself and my decisions.  I am a deserving worthy person.  I claim my power as a worthy person.  I claim my dignity as a worthy person.  I am a creative person.  I create worthy relationships.  I am worthy because I am a child of God.  I am an enthusiastic, motivated person.  I have a passion for life.  I am absolutely in charge of my life.  Today is a good day.  My life is harmonious now and always.  I choose happiness.  My life is fun.  I feel happy.  I am positive about the future.  I am thankful for my happiness.  My life is rich with joy.  I am peaceful, contented and secure.  All things work out for my ultimate good.  Thinking positively brings me pleasure.  Life is full of wonderful opportunities.  I focus on the positive side of life.  I have a  natural enthusiasm for living.


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Subliminal CD Music Formats

Ambient Music, Classical Baroque Music


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