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Each Subliminal CD comes in two great Music Formats – Ambient Music and Classical Baroque Music.

You can listen to a sample of each Music Format via the player below.

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Release memory blocks, improve concentration, performance in exams and do better in Maths.  A must for students and scholars.  

Affirmations for the Excel In School Subliminal CD:

I enjoy school.  I learn easily.  I have a good memory.  I enjoy learning.  I am naturally talented.  I have fun learning.  I have the power to do my best.  I believe I am intelligent.  I like school.  I am a leader.  I naturally do well.  I focus my mind easily.  I have the power to hold a strong focus.  I have total and complete concentration.  My concentration is constant.  I powerfully focus my mind.  I am focused and alert while concentrating.  I focus my attention.  I control my behaviour.  I think clearly.  I am patient.  I expect the best.  Each day my life gets better and better.  I am naturally skilled.  I naturally do well in sports.  I am attentive.  My mind is alert.  My memory is excellent.  My mind causes me to do well.  I have wisdom.  I want to learn.  I have the power to do well.  I am relaxed in exams.  My mind is clear and alert when taking tests and exams.  I have excellent reasoning ability.  I learn easily.  I am a good student.  I remember in exams.  Exams and tests are easy.  I study well.  My mind is quick and alert.  I am honest.  Learning is fun.  School is fun.  I am totally confident.  I respect myself.  I make good choices. 

I express myself confidently.  My voice is strong and steady.  I deserve good things.  I love being me.  I am trusted.  I have the power to be a leader.  School is easy for me.  People like me.  I always do my best.  My recall is powerful.  I easily remember names and dates.  I instantly remember what is needed.  My mind is quick.  Maths is easy.  Maths is fun.  I can easily do Maths.  I like doing Maths.  Numbers make me feel calm.  My mind is clear when I use numbers.  Numbers are logical to me.  Studying Maths is fun.  I learn Maths rules.  I am logical.  I learn Maths easily.  Maths is logical.  Maths has simple rules.  Maths comes in steps.  I am unafraid.  I am relaxed.  I am calm.  I am really smart.  If I make a mistake I try again.  I am capable.  My mind is quick and alert.  My memory is clear.  It is easy to remember.  I am alert.  I have an excellent mind.  I am a deserving worthy person.  I am positive.  I am good.  I am strong.  I am confident.  I believe in myself.  I feel great.  I feel happy.  I am wonderful.  I trust myself.  Life is good to me.  


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Subliminal CD Music Formats

Ambient Music, Classical Baroque Music


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