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Each Subliminal CD comes in two great Music Formats – Ambient Music and Classical Baroque Music.

You can listen to a sample of each Music Format via the player below.

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Release a wellspring of clever innovative solutions.  Increase your range of choices.  Unleash your creativity to generate new options and solve your life problems.  Tap your natural genius.

Affirmations for the Develop your Creativity & Natural Genius Subliminal CD:

I am creative.  I am imaginative.  I consider alternative solutions.  I believe I am intelligent.  I focus my mind easily.  I have the power to hold a strong focus.  I concentrate.  I have total and complete concentration.  I powerfully focus my mind.  I am focused and alert while concentrating.  I focus my attention.  I think clearly.  I have a powerful ability to focus my mind.  My thinking is fast.  I see clever and creative solutions.  My mind automatically sees solutions.  I conquer obstacles.  I am clever.  My mind works very quickly.  Needed information comes easily to mind.  I instantly remember what is needed.  My mind is like a flowing river of ideas.  Creative choices come easily to me.  I naturally receive answers to problems.  I discover ever increasing wisdom and power through my superconscious mind.  I was born to win and succeed.  I am a perceptive and insightful person.  I have good judgement.  My creativity is fresh and original.  I see ideas that others miss.  My creative imagination brings rich rewards.  A flood of brilliant ideas comes to me naturally and easily.  I have great creative energy. 

My creative mind generates many ideas.  My creative ideas manifest.  I remember all that I read, see and hear.  I have a natural ability to learn quickly.  Creativity is fun.  I see solutions.  I am naturally skilled.  My mind is alert.  My mind causes me to do well.  I have wisdom.  I have excellent reasoning ability.  My mind is quick and alert.  I make good choices.  I express myself confidently.  I am a genius.  I am quick.  My mind is keen.  I learn directly.  I have a powerful memory.  I use all of my brain.  Learning is easy for me.  I am youthful.  I always do my best.  I instantly remember what is needed.  My mind is quick.  I solve problems quickly and accurately.  I understand new material easily.  I am relaxed.  I am calm.  I am really smart.  I am capable.  My mind is quick and alert.  My mind focuses powerfully on positive results.  I have an excellent mind.  I am a deserving worthy person.  I am positive.  I am good.  I am strong.  I am confident.  I believe in myself.  I feel great.  I feel happy.  I am wonderful.  I trust myself.  Life is good to me.  

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Subliminal CD Music Formats

Ambient Music, Classical Baroque Music


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