Time – Your Responsibility to Manage


Time – Your Responsibility to Manage

Discover the simple ways to save Time during this humorous, motivating and educating talk. We are all given the same amount of time each day. How we spend that time is our decision.

This talk will expose the causes of Time Wasters and will illustrate ways in eliminating them to assist us in generating more income. Also to create greater satisfaction towards our family and friends and a better working relationship with others.



This talk will help in discovering the simple ways to:

Time Workshop

  • Understand why Time Management is so important.
  • Identify the causes of ‘Time Destroyers’.
  • Speed up the morning chores.
  • Reduce Travelling time and discover ways on how to utilise this time.
  • Eliminate bad shopping and eating habits.
  • Sleep easier and take out the stress of not sleeping.
  • Make your diary work for you.
  • Ensure meetings reduce time-wasters to become more effective.
  • Control E-mails and telephone calls.
  • … and much more.



KETLER PRESENTATIONS is registered with the Services SETA  (decision number 0494) for the provision of education and training in this course.


Who will benefit?

Any person who has difficulty in controlling their own time and for those where their time is wasted by others. Ideal for management and executives, secretaries, sales people, etc. 

Duration: 1 Hour          



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