Secrets to Selling You

secrets to selling

The Secrets to Selling You

This motivating, yet extremely humorous talk will show you ways to create the right IMPACT to sell yourself tsecrets to sellinghat persuades others to buy you. It reminds us that whatever we do on a daily basis – is sales related.


Whether you are selling:


  • a product to a potential customer, or
  • selling ourselves for an interview,
  • a hot date, or just
  • to be more socially accepted, or
  • to get the foot in the door socially …


 … you need to create an IMPACT that guarantees results.


This talk will show how you can:

  • Create a positive first impression
  • Learn how to motivate yourself daily
  • Present yourself with confidence
  • Grab attention and be heard
  • Have the courage to overcome any odds that life throws at you
  • Being just YOU.

Learn the 6 easy steps to becoming the new you.

Who will benefit?

Any person within the organisation who deals with people, both in business and socially, those who have direct contact with internal and external customers, whether face to face or telephonically. Ideal for both experienced and new sales people or just YOU.

Essential for every living Human Being.


Duration: 3 Hours



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