Where Seagulls Dare

Where Seagulls Dare

For one hour, lose yourself in the vast world of intrigue and travel into the realms of discovery of the things that Great Leaders do to become successful and discover in a few steps how you too can emulate a Great Leader. This logical, yet motivating talk will steer you in the direction of becoming a fully-fledged Seagull.

Pareto says thatWhere Seagulls Dare1 80% of people merely exist (Seagulls) while the 20% (Eagles) flourish. We are where are because of who we are. 

This talk will show you how any Seagull can easily learn the skills of achieving Eagle status





Seagulls will discover the simple ways to:

  • understand the 4 cornerstones of Leadership
  • assume personal responsibility
  • live with a sense of purpose
  • keep on walking the narrow path whilst never giving up
  • motivating those around you and remain motivated yourself
  • live a life of Integrity
  • live the six-step approach to growing a team
  • …. and much more.



Who will benefit?

Anybody that requires self-motivation, supervisors, managers, self-employed, sales personnel, project managers, etc.


Duration: 1 hour



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