The Art of Strategic Negotiations

The Art of Strategic Negotiations

The Art of Strategic Negotiations is an interactive and light-hearted talk that will illustrate how one can strategise any negotiation. By combining the skills of persuasion linked to the interpersonal knowledge of peoples’ thought processes they will be able to sway the decision making process. It will clearly help participants combine the negotiation process, decision making and their interpersonal skills to strategically position the deal.

Art of Strategic Negotiations, Ketler

This talk will equip you on:

  • How to combine the powers of persuasion and use triggers in the negotiation.
  • How to strategise the decision making process.
  • Get the most from the 4 phases of the negotiation.
  • Learn how to make the negotiation work in your favour and still maintain the win-win.

These skills will change the way you have ever negotiated.  

Who will benefit:

Any person involved with negotiating, planning the negotiation. Sales people, Managers, Project managers, Leaders. Anybody who wishes to create a win-win environment will benefit from the Art of Strategic Negotiations talk.


Duration: 1 hour to 3 hours

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    Need more info regarding the negotiation strategy course


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