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Coaching that is tailor made for you or your business.

Personalized coachingOur Coaching and Mentorship programme for individuals (private or business), staff personnel and executives has a proven return on investment and the immediacy of positive change. Our solid coaching methodology enables an immediate and positive change to create a sustainable individual development.

Our unique Coaching processes differs from other service providers in that our focus lies in the development and improvement of the individual and these processes are thus utilised as an interactive overall leadership process that has a direct effect not only upon the client but also on the individuals that they interact with within the business and personal environment. Our coaching is aimed at the development of identified leadership competencies and behavioural skills, as well as the growth of the person as a whole.


The methodology used is the People Business INSPIRE© coaching framework, which has been developed and enhanced over the last 20 years. This framework is based on a sound theoretical base as well as the extensive practical coaching experience of our Coaches. Our Coaches are not dependant on tools, techniques or models; they use themselves as instruments in order to coach their coachees.

Unlike other coaching models, INSPIRE© is not a linear model, because we believe that coaching is a complex, meaningful, multidimensional journey that is undertaken by the coach and coachee. The model consists of layers of abilities and competencies combined with a fluid yet structured process, hereby representing the true coaching journey.

The INSPIRE© framework recognises that at the very core of a coaching journey is the SELF. It is the coach’s job to enhance the coachee’s self-awareness thereby creating a positive effect throughout all aspects of the coachee’s life.

The process that is followed during a coaching intervention is presented by the acronym for INSPIRE©. Each letter describes an integral part of the coaching process that underpins our philosophy and is explained as follows:

 I: Develop an Inspiring vision
N: Constantly generate New Creative Ideas
SSupport the coachee constantly
PProvide relevant and accurate feedback
IInterestingintelligent thought provoking questions
R: Achieve Results that are measurable, flexible and challenging
EEnsure an ExcitingElectric process.

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