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  • Assertiveness Skills Assertiveness is a skill required in every Social and Business situation. We only get one chance to perform and whatever the result... Continue Reading
  • Brainstormer A unique and novel way for any organisation to solve problems, generate buy-in from employees or clients or where action plans need to be developed. Continue Reading
  • Brainstormer Facilitator Course Master the art of Brainstorming by knowing and understanding the role of the facilitator. Continue Reading
  • Business Strategy Course According to Bloomberg, 8 out of 10 entrepreneurs who start businesses fail within the first 10 months. 80% just crash and burn. Why is this? The top three reasons are an absence of market need, running out of capital and not having a plan that generates longevity.   Objectives The objectives of this programme are to enable entrepreneurs, company owners,… Continue Reading
  • Capture Your Industry This Capture Your Industry Workshop will enable you to promote yourself as the industry Expert with confidence and credibility. Get customers to Cold Call you. Continue Reading
  • Conflict Management Conflict is not necessarily a negative provided that it is resolved effectively, which can lead to personal and professional growth. Effective... Continue Reading
  • Customer Care Customer Care course focuses on understanding the needs of the customer and giving exceptional service to help retain them. Without it we are driving our... Continue Reading
  • Effective Exhibitor Show Training Trade shows have been a success for some and failure for others. A large amount of money is normally pumped into these events to attract people and create the right image for the organisation. Very seldom does this money go towards training the personnel who have to man these stands and as a result they land up as a costly… Continue Reading
  • Human Factors Everyday mistakes happen in life. but when they happen in the workplace, they cost money, time and maybe even lives! The Human Factor is at the heart of most problems in everyday business life. Yet it is not only the skill of recruiting the right person but the art of developing these people to prevent potential problems becoming real problems. Enhancing… Continue Reading
  • Leadership Development Course Develop Leadership skills through various methods. A good Leader is one that can communicate well and grow... Continue Reading
  • Making Meetings Effective Become a master at facilitating Effective Meetings. Find out how you can manage your meetings on time to get the maximum output from each attendee without wasting their precious time. Continue Reading
  • Master of Ceremonies Course Learn and develop confidence and assertiveness in the role of an MC. This Master of Ceremonies Course will enable you to know and understand the duties and expectations of an MC. Continue Reading
  • Memory Skills Course This program will help to understand the deeper workings of the brain to develop our own understanding of our own mental potential. As most people do not have a memory problem, what is lacking, is the ability to extract or recall certain information. The course will teach ways of attaching new and old information into the files of the mind… Continue Reading
  • Mind Power Training Your mind is the foundation to changing any aspect of your life. You are where you are today due to the programming you have correctly or incorrectly developed Continue Reading
  • Performance Management Course Motivate your team to 'want' to perform. Obtain their buy-in into changes, structures, performance and loyalty towards management and the organisation. Learn the techniques of effective Performance Management. Continue Reading
  • Presentation Skills – Confidence Builder (1 Day) Man's greatest fear is Public Speaking! So speaking in front of an audience is daunting, so daunting that it ranks alongside the fear of death. Now, you can eliminate this fear once and for all by just following a few simple tips and industry tricks and methods that you can learn in just one day spent in the company of one of South Africa's… Continue Reading
  • Problem Solving Technique Skills     Problem Solving Techniques Objectives The objective of this program is having the ability to understand the methodology of solving problems and knowing the steps to reach a positive outcome. The delegates will be able to identify different personality styles and relate to each other in order to solve issues. Outcomes Delegates will acquire the skills to: know and understand the… Continue Reading
  • Project Management Course Combining the most recent advances in project management research with the practical, hands-on experiences of project managers, this program offers a unique blend of the “what to” and “how to” of Project ,Management and leadership. Continue Reading
  • Social Media How effective is your Social Media Footprint?   Business communication is ever changing and if you are not communicating better than your competition then you are sending your prospective customers to them.   The Internet has become a very powerful business resource that companies big or small can generate new consumers and also communicate and interact with their existing customers. Social media… Continue Reading
  • Strategic Business Intuition Continue Reading
  • Strategic Negotiation Skills The objective of the Negotiation Skills Course is to provide a deeper insight into the negotiation process. The programme provides delegates with the skills needed to master win/win negotiations, gain confidence in interpersonal skills, how to anticipate responses and manage them as well as managing the transition from sales to negotiation. Continue Reading
  • Strategic Power Selling Course Power Sales Course to turn any prospect into a satisfied customer. Find out exactly what makes the prospect tick and be in control to successfully manage right decisions ensuring long relationships... Continue Reading
  • Strategic Presentation Skills (2 Days) Strategic Presentation Skills course is designed to equip presenters with the skills of selling their ideas. The course provides a unique strategic Continue Reading
  • Strategic Time Management The Strategic Time Management program is designed to motivate the participant to manage their time more effectively and to control other people’s... Continue Reading
  • Supervisory Skills Course Effective managers have a huge impact on the bottom line in most organisations, but they also represent their organisation 24 hours a day, seven days a week, making them business agents for their respective companies. Are your Managers / Supervisors your Business Agent? In just 3 days... Learn how to motivate others towards established company directives Learn the Skills for Effective Supervisory methods… Continue Reading
  • Team Building Workshop Objectives The objective of this programme is to develop the skills to understand the team, it’s functions, strengths, weaknesses and abilities, and understand and work within the team dynamics. The workshop reinforces the skills required to build, strengthen and maintain the team. The team will be introduced to the Brainstormer, a unique and novel way to solve problems, generate buy-in… Continue Reading
  • Telemarketing Training Course This Telemarketing Course is ideal for Call centre personnel or those that deal extensively on the telephone. Placing a picture of the caller behind the voice is a skill to be learnt that will assist in more successful call rates. Continue Reading
  • Time Management Course In our busy environment, there is never enough time to do all the activities we want to do. As a result, we focus on less important issues whilst overlooking the important ones. This results in frustration and a lack of personal satisfaction.   Course Objectives This program is designed to highlight what the causes of time wasters are and how… Continue Reading
  • Train the Trainer Course The purpose of any training is to transfer information. The more successful this is, the more successful the outcomes. Continue Reading
  • Trainer Development Course The Trainer Development Course will help you discover the art of writing course content that works and understand how Adults learn best. Find out how to present information that can be retained months after the training intervention. Continue Reading
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