Why Marketing Strategies Fail

Customers do not do business with you by accident, it is a subconscious decision they have made as a result of your marketing strategies.

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I so often hear marketers and sales people complain that business is bad.  Yet when you look around shops are always full, new cars are cluttering the highway and even you are still spending money. Yes, it is true that we may have changed our buying patterns, but we are still spending. And so are our customers.

The market has changed, but not our customers. Their thinking process is different and unfortunately our marketing strategies are still the same as before. It is for this reason that we are losing business and even our customers.


Here are a few ways to help generate more business:


1.   Know your Customer:

The first step is to know exactly who your customers are, what their needs are and how you can assist in satisfying those needs. Make sure that your products, services and business area are constantly updated to address their changing needs and wants. This alone will create repeat customers.

2.   Constantly keep in Contact:

It is always easier to turn the first-time customer into a repeat customer – provided they had a good experience. Marketing is a process that must never end. If you lose that enthusiasm in your marketing you will end up marketing to your non-return customers. To keep up the relationship, make them feel appreciated by sending out personal cards, emails or even sms’s just to say thank you or to tell them what’s happening.

3.   Keep your website up to date:

If you want buyers to be repeat customers then you must give them a reason to come back for more. There cannot be a better motivation to take an interest in you and your business than new and fresh content. Make sure you make regular content updates on your website. A good way to update your website is by adding article pages to your site. Make sure that these articles are highly relevant to your industry, including the benefits of the products and services you promote and that they will be of benefit to the reader.

4.   Use a Blog:

Another good tool is to make use of a blog for marketing. This is where you can make regular content updates without having to add or edit the pages of your site. You can feature articles that contain valuable and useful information to your customers and make sure that it has links to your website.

5.   Make use of newsletters:

Send out regular Newsletters that are designed to inform and remind your customers of what you do, specials that are coming up, etc. Do not just let these newsletters be a one-sided view which is all about you – give them some tips, e.g. how to save fuel, or how to capitalise on saving on parts, etc. If they like what they are receiving, give them an option to be updated with fresh and new content every time by opting-in. If your website content is really good, there is no reason why they would say “no.” Ensure these newsletters comply with the Consumer Protection Act.

6.   Motivate with incentives:

This is a great way of keeping your loyal customers loyal! Plan to have special discount days every three months or whatever suits your business or industry and have certain useful items on special. When it becomes a regular event, they tend to keep an eye open for them and may even ask you when the next discount day is. Speak to your suppliers and ask for certain items at a greatly reduced price and bundle some products together that create a bargain for the customer. People always come back for a good deal. This can go a long way in giving them the impression that you value the business they bring to your company. Financial rewards always works the best but you may want to offer additional services or other additional benefits instead. Test and see what works best for your market and clientele and stick to it.

7.   Introduce loyalty card system:

Another great idea for your marketing is to try to tie a customer with you in some way. Naturally any black hat tricks are not a way to go, however a good loyalty card system often works very well with keeping customers coming back. The reward must always be worth it.

8.   Run workshops:

This is by far the best way to keep customers coming back. Offer them good value entirely for free that they will almost feel obliged to give you an order in return. Think carefully whom you would invite. Have a group of customers that would be invited regularly each month but also invite one or two new customers to each session. In most cases those new customers would always convert to returning ones.

9.   Reward for Referral:

This method of marketing is widely used to bring new business in, however you can use it to retain existing customers too. Offer your customers a service up to certain amount for free for every referral you get through them. Not only you will get new business but your customers will come back for their reward too. The key here is to get your customer to order again as the more they order the less likely they are to do so again.

10.  Provide insanely great customer experience.

This is probably the most common technique for bringing customers back and it works. If you provide great service and experience, the customer will want to use you again. But here is a catch: every interaction with a new customer will start well but it is how it ends that matters. Your customer won’t remember how nice and helpful you were at the start but you will be judged by your behaviour and attitude towards them when the deal was about to close.


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