Why Teams Don’t Grow

Why Teams don’t Grow

10 Tips for changing our behaviour towards our team that allow us to become a Great Leader

1.   Lead by Example:

Supervisors MUST establish a direction for the team to follow. Be an example in all you do; good and clean communication, neat dress code, honesty in all areas, consistent enthusiasm, punctuality, etc.

2.   Be a good Listener:

A good Supervisor is respectful and listens intently to both work and personal issues. Immediately act on the communication and resolve issues where possible.

3.    Have Empathy:

A Supervisor should always be available or accessible in times of need. Pass on credit to the team while owning the responsibility for their failures. Be a person of integrity and values and the team will follow suit.

4.   Create Harmony:

Avoid arguments and protect team members from blame. A successful Supervisor creates a fun environment. When you are having fun, the team is having fun. When the team has fun, the customer is having fun and when the customer is having fun – they want to do more business with you.

5.   Communicate:

A Supervisor should talk to the team. Let them know what is happening in the business and with clients. Give feedback from meetings you attend. If they feel part of the business they feel important and become empowered to give more of themselves.

6.   Make more Leaders:

Grow and develop those around you to your level. Delegate certain of your responsibilities to the relevant and capable team member and monitor and guide them through their tasks. Allow for them to make mistakes (under your supervision), so learning, responsibility and empowerment can take place.

7.   Employees are your Assets:

Your team members are your greatest assets; without them, everyday functions such as sales, service, administration, communication would never be completed. Your team, with their individual potential help drive your organisation. To be successful as a Supervisor, manage their potential, capabilities, time and talents.

8.   Be Transparent:

Supervisors should keep the team informed and allow them to participate, to give feedback and make comments. Never keep them in the dark. Allow them to be part of the solution while letting them feel that what they say and think is important.

9.   You – the Role Model:

A good Leader must serve as a role model to the team members. Demonstrate the right attitudes, strong values, etc. and subconsciously they will adapt the same standards.

10.   Managers vs. Leaders:

A manager can be a Leader. Leaders focus on innovation and growth and continually challenge the status quo. Managers maintain the status quo. There is a time to manage and a time to lead, allow more of your time to lead.


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