Supervisors key roles for Growth & Development of the Organisation

Supervisors play key roles in organisations for growth and development

These tips will help supervisors assume a leadership role within their companies:

1.    Seizing power and attempting to hold onto it.

A common behaviour for new supervisors is to create an ivory tower for themselves in order to protect their positions and a way of forcing recognition from subordinates to respect them as the manager.

2.    Solicit feedback.

Ensure that the communication chain is never broken. Information from upper management must be fed down to the Supervisors team and they should be encouraged to approach management with ideas and information raised from the team.

3.    Delegate within authority.

Supervisors must know what boundaries they are allowed to operate within. Having grey areas only creates confusion and can cause the Supervisor to lose confidence and self-esteem as well as a lack of direction.

4.    Reprimand employees in private.

To ensure discipline, the Supervisor must know when, where and whom to reprimand. This must never be in front of others rather on a one-on-one basis.

5.    Equal treatment.

Every team member must be treated in the same manner.  The Supervisor should never do favours for one and not the other as this will only split the team who are forced to take sides.

6.    Spread the workload evenly and fairly.

It is easy to get away with keeping the interesting work for oneself. When discovered, trust will be lost and this will take a long time, if ever, to regain.

7.    Support team members.

Show effective leadership skills by supporting team members – even when they have erred. As the Supervisor, you should never be caught in the trap of siding with certain team members.

8.    Be part of the team.

Whilst being a member of the team, the Supervisor must ensure he/she does not distance themselves from those they supervise.

9.    Promoting an “us-vs.-them” attitude.

The Supervisor must never create barriers between the team and management or other teams. This only creates divisions within the organisation.

10.    Engaging in illegal behaviours.

The Supervisor must be the role model and a person the team can look up to. Whatever action the Supervisor takes, sets the benchmark for future actions.


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