Selling in Desperate Times

Selling in Desperate Times

Selling in Desperate Times

 Selling in Desperate Times

When times are a little tough, salespeople get a little more desperate and managers start to panic when targets are not met. To achieve results, you need to make a change. To do this you must shift their beliefs and emotions. You must get your customer to want to do business with you:


1. Know your customer

Find out as much as you can about the customer, their environment, their competitors, why they need the product or service you wish to supply, what their real needs are and why they want to do business with you.

2. Watch your body language: It’s what you don’t say that tells the most about you. Let your body language come over as assertive. Never let the customer feel that you are desperate to get the deal. However you feel and what you think, comes across in your body language. Look, walk, talk, feel, believe that you are successful and allow this to radiate from you.

3. “Dress maketh a man”:  Ensure that you are dressed for the occasion. Rather dress one up to the customer to create control. If you dress professionally, you come across as successful. People want to deal with successful people rather than losers.

4. Let your voice complete the picture: Rehearse your sales pitch so that it is word perfect and that your voice is strong and  confident. Avoid the ‘uhms’ and ‘ers’. Believe in what you are saying to show more credibility. You are the expert in your field, you are the person they can rely on to resolve their problems. So, speak with confidence.

5. Have the right sales pitch for the right prospect: Every prospect has different needs – so ensure that you are pitching around those needs. Never use the same pitch for everyone – one pitch does not fit all. Create the right pitch around the needs of the customer.

6. Have confidence in your product / company: Know 10 times more about your product than what you are going to present. Knowledge is power if you use it. Before you start your pitch, make sure you know their needs or their problem, know that your product can solve their need, know their industry and the challenges they face in their market.

7. Get the prospect emotionally involved:  If it ’feels’ good to the prospect he/she will make the decision to buy-in. Decisions can only be made once they are emotionally involved. Use emotion in your sales pitch. To create emotion, know their needs and be real.

8. Create a high Impact: You have only one chance to make the sale – if you mess up, that door will forever be closed to you. Create a High Impact and you will get results. Successful sales are only made when a high impact is created.

9. Let your slides / exhibits enhance your sales pitch: Use them when you need them and use them to create the emotion. Ensure that your slides, brochures, exhibits are clean, neat and in working order and are professional that enhances your company’s image.

10. Have the courage to break the chains of conformity:  Be yourself. Have a pitch and style that is you and one that allows you to be remembered. Do things different and unique and that it fits your personality style. Don’t try and be funny when you are not.

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