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Virtual Meeting Equipment Setup

Virtual Meeting Equipment Setup   Setting up a virtual meeting room is so often overlooked yet it is so important from the audience perspective. One cannot claim to be a professional when your virtual room does not match. Here are a few ways that you can ensure...

Resolving Conflict Strategically

Strategic Ways to Guarantee Conflict Resolutions Each and Every time The majority of people are capable of resolving conflict ... ... however, many conflicts are never resolved by the majority of people, because ...   People are different on many levels and when...

If You Don’t Know What 4IR Stands For, Then Shut Down Your Business

What every business owner and entrepreneur needs to know about the Fourth Industrial Revolution to stay ahead in their industry.

5 Ways to use Intuition to Grow your Business

Successful people such as Steve Jobs, Abraham Lincoln, Albert Einstein and so many others, have relied on Intuition to succeed. They have all said that once they have relied on their intuition, gut feel or sixth sense, the better decisions they were able to  make -...

Intuition – the New Buzzword for Growing Your Business

Every day of our lives we are making decisions: • what will I have for breakfast, • what am I going to wear, • what urgent tasks will I need to start off with, • what is best for my family, • where to go on holiday, etc, etc.   We have been trained to get all the...

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Project Steps to get You Back to Basic’s

Project Steps to get You Back to Basic’s

When creating priorities, the Charter should include a priority of cost, schedule and scope. One of these must be chosen as an absolute priority (based on the Charter), the next being the second most important and the last being the least of all three priorities. This helps in decision-making particularly when changes are requested.

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Easy Steps to get Your Project Back Under Budget

As a project manager it becomes your problem when the project starts to slip. Not only is your customer unhappy, your team starts to feel the pressure. If not rectified, panic sets in and bad decisions are made. All this can be avoided when you start to take control. Unless you do something about it then it is unlikely that you’ll get back on track!

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Easy Steps to Improve Memory:

How often does it happen that you easily forget things like where you left your keys of your friends wife’s name at the moment you need to introduce her? Well, the good news is that you are not alone. It is no that we have a bad memory; it’s that we have an untrained memory. Here are some ways that you can play tricks on the mind.

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