Why so many Leaders Fail to Lead


Become a True Leader

Knowing the difference between effective business leadership and the things that just happen by accident is critical — not only in your ability to grow and develop as a leader, but to establish a pattern of success that’s deliberate, not miraculous.

Here are some tips that define genuine leaders from those that occur by chance:     

1. Communicate your Vision:

As a Leader, use your mission as your compass to guide you and your team by integrating the company values into the everyday tasks. Let the team know exactly what the big picture is so they can identify how their roles play a part in the bigger scheme of things.

2. Encourage their Creativity:

Be open to new ways of how others do things. Effective leadership acknowledges success and also recognises that there are many ways to do things better. Creative thinking and risk-taking often leads to seeing things from a different perspective. Explore possibilities and follow curiosity. A the Leader, you must open yourself to new ideas even if they don’t seem to have a place at the moment.

3. Simplicity Rules:

Focus on the really important areas and tasks then set priorities for each. Break down work units into workable tasks and try to simplify each task as much as possible. It is highly effective to build in some thinking time for yourself and others.

4. Communicate Openly:

Share information with your team and let them know what your ideas are. Be visible and accessible. Listen to their views and opinions and be open for both you and your team to ask questions. Let them be aware of how your thinking fits into the big picture. Be aware at all times how your presence, mood and style affect those around you.

5. Don’t be an Island:

A true leader never isolates themselves from anyone. Be open to other peoples perspectives when in discussion and decision making. Individual voices contribute to bringing people together.

6. Be Truthful:

Be genuine and be yourself. Be honest and admit if you made an error. Everybody makes mistakes daily; however, these mistakes create opportunities to find new solutions.

7. Involve Others:

Embrace each team members energy by inspiring them to engage their own passions, creativity, strengths and skills to allow them to discover their own potential. Show appreciation and acknowledge their personal and group efforts and contributions.

8. Create the right Atmosphere:

Consistently focus on the positive by searching for the possibilities in every situation. Inspire others to be positive that as a team, great things can be achieved.

9. Keep Growing Others:

Allow others to identify their personal strengths, potentials and passions. Encourage them to create new challenges and possibilities. Every person has the power to make a company great.

10. Keep Growing Yourself:

To develop yourself and grow to the heights you envisage, you need the confidence to be able to stretch yourself. An effective leader has the ability to be able to lead him or herself – not only being a genuine example to others, but to become a working element of the machinery of the business. Develop the ability to focus and motivate yourself just as you motivate others.


Supervisory Skills (3 Days)

New managers have a huge impact on the bottom line in most organisations, but they also represent their firms 24 hours a day, seven days a week, making them business agents for their respective companies.

In just 3 days…

Learn how to motivate others towards established company directives.

Learn the Skills for Effective Supervisory methods and best practices.

Acquire the knowledge of management etiquette for Supervisors on and off the job.

Develop effective communication and leadership skills coupled with a vision toward goal achievement.

This 3-day intensive Supervisory Skills Course will:

  • Develop Supervisory skills through the use of assertiveness.
  • Allow delegates to discover their own potential to give them the confidence to relate towards the team members.
  • Develop the necessary skills to achieve both personal and company objectives.

The course includes the following modules:

  • Develop personal Confidence in engaging with peers and managing varied  situations
  • Communicate effectively to generate buy-in
  • Develop, control and change personal Attitudes in understanding themselves and others more effectively
  • Communicate with purpose to “say what you mean, mean what you say”
  • Creating a better understanding of Image to gain further respect
  • Create the effectiveness to ensuring how we and others see us in a more positive light
  • Developing skills in becoming a friendlier person
  • Understanding, achieving and creating Goals
  • Seeing the best in others and learning ways in expressing them
  • Managing our Time more effectively
  • Organising ourselves more effectively to be able to organise others
  • Dealing with, and getting support from our Internal Customers
  • Create a better understanding of ourselves and others through Interpersonal skills
  • Problem solving and decision making skills

ACCREDITATION:    This course is registered with the Services Seta (Accreditation no: 0494)

DATES:              15, 16, 17 October 2014    Gauteng

26, 27, 28 November 2014 Gauteng


TIME:  08h00 to 16h30

INVESTMENT: R4 500.00 excl. vat (Includes a Manual, Lunch and Refreshments)


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