Intuition – the New Buzzword for Growing Your Business

Every day of our lives we are making decisions:

• what will I have for breakfast,

• what am I going to wear,

• what urgent tasks will I need to start off with,

• what is best for my family,

• where to go on holiday, etc, etc.


We have been trained to get all the facts before making a decision. Wise advice. To get the facts we need to use the left brain. This is the ‘what’ of decision making.

Once we have all the facts, we instinctively visit the right brain to throw in some emotion to make sure that we are reducing our ‘pain’ and increasing our ‘pleasure’. This is the ‘how’ of making decisions.

So now we have the facts, our emotions make it feel good – so we make a decision on how to proceed. More times than not, we have this little twist in our gut questioning what we have done. Because it is hidden and seemingly far away, we just ignore it and carry on.

This is our Intuition. This is the third element of decision making which is so often ignored. Intuition is the catalyst which brings together the left and right brain. With these three elements in play, our decisions will be far more accurate and on track.

 Albert Einstein described intuition as our most valuable asset, and one of our most unusual senses. He described it as a “feeling for the order lying behind the appearance of something.”  Intuition is also recognised as our gut feeling, sixth sense, innate wisdom, inner sense, instinct, inner voice or our spiritual guide.

So now that we know what intuition is, here are some basic ways to tap into your inner you.


1. Find the ‘Quiet’ of Your Mind:

That wise inner voice inside your head is always communicating with you. The only way of accessing your intuitive intelligence is to learn how to silence the mental noise. Sit in a quiet area with no distractions, take a few deep, slow breaths to relax your body and mind. Focus your attention only on inhaling and exhaling. When thoughts come, picture them as floating objects. Refocus on your breath and let your mind just quieten.

2. Listen to Your Gut Feeling:  

During situations like meeting a person for the first time, focus on what your gut says, especially before you’ve had a chance to think. It conveys whether you’re comfortable with others or not. Before you have a chance to think, train yourself to check in with these gut feelings. Is it nervous, relaxed or confident? How is it reacting to the situation and the people in it?  Does it make you feel relaxed and trusting towards a particular person? Does something not feel right? Don’t use this as a way of manipulating the situation to suit your feelings. Should you not be sure on how to read the situation, wait until you are able to get more information then revisit the intuitions.

3. Ask: 

When you need to make a decision, solve problems or not sure which way to turn, ask your intuition. Follow Step 1 to quiet your mind. Ask your inner self a question, like “How else can I improve my business?” Pay attention to any thought-flash, mind pictures, physical sensations or impressions you receive. If you receive good gut feelings, run with it. If not, be very cautious.

4. Listen for the Truth:

We are so quick to judge ourselves, rationalise our feelings and our thoughts that prevents us from listening to our inner voice. Listen without judgment. Listen to what your heart really says and allow your intuition to speak directly to you. Follow your gut feeling and see how things will change in your life.


Did you find this article of value?


Below are details about the upcoming course


Strategic Business Intuition

If you could turn the periodic gut feelings of each staff member in your organisation into reliable strategic business intuition, how would that improve your business?


Successful executives, business people and entrepreneurs use their strategic business intuition to make profitable business decisions.


This 3 day Strategic Business Intuition course will give you the skills to:

• be creative,

• think on the spot

• make key business decisions

• Intuition is the natural intelligence that allows us to see far beyond …

• …  to generate innovative ideas, to communicate powerfully …

… and to do so without having to study spreadsheets or gather piles of data.

This course has been designed to maximise your business and life skills, no matter what type of business you are involved with.

It will train you to be able to recogniselisten to, and then follow your specialised intuitive intelligence, to benefit your life and apply the right intuition strategy for your business.


In just 3 days, you will be able to:

• Program yourself to do the right thing at the right time to take advantage of opportunities and increase profits and income

• Use intuition to help you say the right thing at the right time

• Apply mental techniques to establish immediate rapport with co-workers, customers, clients, suppliers, and those you deal with, to keep your business or department more profitable

• Use feedback so that you know exactly what to do to achieve the results you desire

• Program your work environment for success

• Detect hidden information

• Create an instant connection with people

• Influence others from a distance

• Make relevant life and business choices and corrections

• Trust your judgments, decisions, doubts and second-guessing’s

• Intuitively sense the true motivations and feelings of others to avoid the pain of being betrayed and disappointed or being misled

• Become aware of potential problems before they impact on you.

The Benefits of Developing Your Intuition Strategy for your Business

• Unleashes your creativity and imagination

• Connects you with your subconscious to uncover hidden truths about yourself, work and life

• Prevents the accumulation of negative thoughts and uncontrolled emotions

• Integrates left and right brain functions giving you a more complete perspective on problems

• Creates the right platform for making better and more integrative decisions

• Improves physical, mental and emotional well-being

• Helps to reduce stress by identifying and dealing with situations more effectively.

Who will benefit:

Business owners, Executives at all levels, Managers and Supervisors, Entrepreneurs, Support Staff, those entering the business world, those dealing with people at any level, Decision Makers, Negotiators, Sales and Marketing personnel.



KETLER PRESENTATIONS is registered with Services SETA for the provision of education and training.


Duration: 3 days


Cost per Delegate: R 5 200 excl. VAT 


Ketler Presentations offers a wide variety of courses throughout the year. Please come and browse through our:

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