Get-More-Time out of Your Day

Get More Time out of Your Day

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If we do not control time, time itself will control us. So often, we hear ourselves saying, “Today has just flown by and I never got to do the things I wanted to do”, or, “Today was such a waste of time”. 

When we lose control of our time and mismanage it, we lose precious hours in the day, making us unproductive, stressed out, feeling a ‘lack of control’ and demotivated so, beware of the basic habits we have collected that consumes our time and energy levels.

With a bit of insight and discipline, we can get this control back and get more time out of our day.

Here are some ways to assist you…

  1. Have a good night’s rest: 

Avoid having a television set in your bedroom as it creates an excuse to stay awake for longer. You may be tempted to watch the end of that exciting film that just raises the brain waves which takes longer to settle down. This results in less hours of important rest which affects the way you function the next day.

  1.  Keep pen and paper by your bed: 

As you are about to fall asleep, the brain relaxes, reducing the frequency, which allows thoughts to flood the brain. Because you do not want to forget them, you panic slightly, which raises the brain waves to a higher frequency that prevents you from relaxing. To avoid this, keep a pen and pad next to you so you can quickly jot these ideas down and fall asleep quicker.

  1.  Plan tomorrow today:

To prevent insomnia caused from an overactive brain, plan the following day before you leave the office. This removes a certain amount of stress that may contribute to you not getting a good night’s rest. It also allows you to become more proactive and get more time out of the following day.

  1.  Prioritise tasks:

Much has been said about this in previous articles. All tasks must be colour-coded in order of importance. Once planned in your diary, stick to it. As new tasks come in, never do them immediately, first enter them into your diary, ascertain their priority compared to the existing tasks in your diary as well as what you are currently working on. This prevents unnecessary stress and keeps you more focussed, enabling you to get more time out of your day.

  1.  Tick off completed tasks:

As soon as a task is completed, tick it off in your diary as this then becomes a motivator for you get more items ticked off. This allows you to feel that you are actually accomplishing more and becoming more productive. It is also a good idea to do a few of the quick and easy items as early in the day as possible and within a couple of hours you will have quite a few completed tasks already ticked off.

  1.  Break down tasks into bite-sized chunks:

Never enter huge tasks in your diary that cannot be completed in one day, for example; completing the Company Budget. Knowing full well that it takes many days to do this task, rather break the budget down into sections, for example; complete Workshop Budget. Tomorrow’s diary entry may read, complete Admin Budget, and so on.

  1.  Tummy-wrenching tasks:

We all have certain tasks to do that we wish someone else would do. Every time you think of these tasks, your stomach tightens. It is these tasks that prevent you from sleeping and relaxing. To overcome such anxiety, do them as early as possible in the day to prevent you from stressing unnecessarily and becoming less productive.

  1.  Create good habits:

Always keep asking yourself, “Am I using my time effectively right now?” It is easy to create bad habits like over-extending the coffee break, etc. Every time you catch yourself wasting time or doing something that is not quite applicable to your job, ask this question. If you cannot answer positively, stop doing it.

  1.  Say NO:

Learn how to say “no” to others in the nicest possible way. People will ask you things they may already know or get you to do some of their functions. Once you agree to do it, the task then becomes your responsibility. By doing these tasks does not allow others to learn for themselves but rather teaches them to always keep relying on you.

  1.  Force procrastinators into action:

People who continually procrastinate prevent you from achieving your goals and ultimately mess with your time keeping. Write to them stating that if you do not hear from them by a certain time, you will … It is also a good idea to copy their boss. If you still do not get any satisfaction, contact the CEO or MD’s Personal Assistant. This is always the cure.

 So, by applying these tips, you will become more productive and be in control over your time as well as others.

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