How to Run a Smooth Event

mc standing by mic at an event

Being a MC requires you to cement the entire event together so that the audience can have an exceptional experience.


Here are some ways to achieve this:


  1.   Understand the Event: 

Make sure that you understand the type of event that is being staged. It may be a wedding, a company farewell or a marketing function, etc. By having a good understanding of the event will give you additional confidence that is always required by the MC. A clear understanding of the event will assist you to make better decisions and also to know what you must speak about. Know in detail the people you are to introduce so you do not embarrass them or more so, yourself.

  1. Communicate with the Event Planner:

The first and most important function of the MC, is to communicate well in advance with the event planner and/or coordinator. This should not be left close to the event, rather months before. You will require information regarding the schedule, the order of events, who the speakers are and what they are speaking about, the type of guests, VIP”s, what the guests want to get out of the function, etc. This will give you ample opportunity to prepare for each occurrence and to relate to the expectations of the guests.

  1. Relax:

If you are tense, you create a tense audience. It is quite normal to feel nervous, but never let that on to the audience. Smile genuinely. It helps you to relax and indicates to the audience that you too are enjoying yourself.

  1. Remember what your Function is:

Your responsibility is to the audience, to entertain them, keep them informed, to be the catalyst as the event moves from one feature to the next, to assist the speaker or feature if they require anything.

  1. Prepare:

This has been covered in great detail in previous articles. Know exactly what it is you want to say and rehearse the lines together with gestures, actions, vocal inflection and enthusiasm. The more preparation you are prepared to put into it, the less nervous you will be and the less chance there will be about forgetting your lines.

  1. Don’t cry over spilt milk:

So you made a mistake. Nothing unusual about that – most people do! Most times it is only you that knows about it and even if others pick it up, just move on as if it never happened. If something does go wrong that is out of your control, for example the lights go out; a humorous one-liner will usually help.

  1. Keep the Audience Focussed:

Depending on the audience and the event, it may help to ask them a question to bring back their focus and to get them more involved.


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