Get your Customers to keep Coming Back

Get your Customers to keep Coming Back

Your business is as good as the customers you keep


Here are a few steps to make sure you don’t end up pushing away your customers without being aware of what you’re actually doing…


1. Use their name frequently:

People love hearing their name and when used within a conversation creates a bond between that person and yourself. Instead of the usual “sir” or “madam,” address them by their name and you’ll immediately notice the difference it makes in your relationships with them, now and in the future. But, you must be consistent.

2. If you are wrong – admit-it:

If you messed up and caused the customer to get upset, rectify the situation and quickly admit that you or the company was at fault. Apologise for the inconvenience and then take the responsibility to sort out the problem. When people start covering up their mistakes and refusing to admit their faults, customers get aggravated and leave in disgust only to never return.

3. Replace the Sale Pitch:

The best way to turn a customer off is to replace care with a sales pitch. People prefer to be informed about a product when they are honest rather than the sales person trying to get another deal. If you have a special offer, call the person personally and allow them to feel important.

4. Be Visible:

There is nothing more frustrating when a customer walks into your showroom and no one is available to assist or everybody is too busy to acknowledge the customer who is left standing around feeling very uncomfortable. Would you treat a guest to your own home in the same manner? Tell your customers that when they visit your showroom or telephone that they ask for you by name, or even better give them the opportunity to call you direct on your mobile phone – even after hours and on weekends.

5. Exceed their Expectations:

Every customer deserves an experience they can cherish. Positive experiences act as a trigger for them to return and shop with you again. Do your best to serve, please and exceed their expectations, so that they can feel important. When customers call for support, they’re usually in a state of agitation, so use this opportunity to delight and impress them. Think about all the things that could ruin a customer’s experience and do the opposite.

6. Generate Feedback:

Start thinking of turning your customer into a marketer – for you. Ask them questions that will assist you to find new ways of improving your business and ways to service them better. Customers enjoy being made to feel special and getting them to share their opinions on how to make changes to your business allows them to feel important. By being sincere about it, strengthens your relationship with them.

7. Keep them Updated:

It should be standard practise to keep your customers updated about new products or services you’re offering, however, letting them know about any changes the company has made helps to keep them in the loop. To give them recognition, inform them on any changes you have implemented based on their or other customers’ feedback. To show your appreciation, give them something for free like a little gift or a discount on their next purchase.

8. Create the Right Culture:

The right culture must be serving the Customer at every level within the structure of your organisation. Imagine being the owner of your own company, how would you like to see your customers being treated? Just as you are able to determine the standard of service your business delivers, entrust your employees with the right amount of decision-making powers to serve your customers in the best possible manner.

9. Be Open:

To build trust with your customers, be transparent, fair and open. The biggest asset a company can own is a customer that trusts you and your organisation and your product. Ensure that your business ethics do not allow a customer to question your actions and behaviour.

10. Give Thanks:

Show your appreciation of the customer by thanking them for their business or enquiry or that referral or even when they visit to say hello. This simple gesture can mean the difference between a customer lost and a customer gained for a lifetime. Find as many ways as possible of letting your customers know how much they mean to your business.


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