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Project Management

Creating Projects Quicker and more Successfully 

The goal of Project Management is to deliver the project on time, under budget and ensuring a happy customer.

A Project Manager is always under pressure to deliver projects faster than what people expect. By using the tips and tricks listed below you can deliver your project before the deadline and reduce your stress along the way…


  1.   Tell it as it is:

It is so important that you are totally honest and upfront from the start of the project with both the Sponsor and the Customer. When, through the planning, you discover that the project is not feasible or if you don’t have all of the resource, money and time needed to deliver it successfully, share this information with them. Never keep them in the dark because that is when they will start to panic and hassle you unnecessary. Advise them exactly what it is you can deliver and by when. When there is a hick-up, advise them immediately. When they see that you are open and    honest with them, they will then work together with you and you will gain their trust and become more supportive towards you and your project.

  1.  Manage the team:

We have said in previous articles that being a Project Manager does not mean that you need to do all the work. You most probably are able to do things more efficiently than the team could but your dilemma is that you always seem to run out of time. The answer to this is delegate as much as possible. It allows them to feel empowered and important which creates a commitment to the project as well as to their team.

  1.  Be ever ready for changes:

Throughout the project people have different ideas of how things should be done or the customer wants a change to the plan and other changes occur. Things do change throughout a project so be prepared for when it happens. The Sponsor and Customer want to know what you are going to do regarding changes and how you will deal with them. Be prepared by questioning every change request and only when you’re certain it’s for the best, and then implement it.

  1.  Lead from the front:

The role of any Project Manager is to lead and motivate the team. You will need the time to do this, so delegating some of your tasks will afford you this extra time. Get the team involved from the start of the project and communicate all aspects of the project with them. When a task is performed well, recognise all achievements at every team meeting and do it consistently. Show them that you care for their needs by talking about what they achieved together and build team spirit by regularly celebrating in small ways.

  1.   Use your planning resources:

Never start a project by continually reinventing the wheel. Use Templates to ensure that you are on top of the project rather the project on top of you. Templates assist you in keeping track of the project and for others to view the project status.


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