Become an Effective Trainer

September 10, 2014


Become an Effective Trainer

 Be that effective Trainer to your delegates by following

these effective tips and tricks.

 1. Know your subject

To earn credibility the Trainer should know ten times more about the subject than what they are going to present. This helps when answering questions without referring to notes.

 2. Plan your training

The better prepared you are the less nervous you will become. Plan how the training is to be run and what must be learnt.

3. Make the training comfortable

The Trainer should be comfortable and relaxed when speaking as this will help the employees / delegates to keep their interest which assists in retention. Make the training fun and encourage participation.

4. Ensure your timing is adequate

By planning and practicing helps to keep the timing on track. The Trainer should never spend too much time on irrelevant information or too little on important lessons and skills.

5. Establish expectations

At the start of the training the Trainer must ensure everyone is clear about course rules, such as cell phones being switched off, punctuality, time of breaks, course / session outcomes and what is to covered, etc.

6. Create a good First Impression

The Trainer must create the environment to get the delegates to want to listen to you. The old adage is true: if I don’t like you I will not listen or believe what you are saying.

7. Read the delegates

The Trainer must establish what personality style / experience they are / have in order to respond more effectively to that individual.

8. Use visual aids

Delegates expect professionalism, so PowerPoint is the expected medium although other mediums can also be included.

9. Avoid silly Icebreakers

As the Trainer, you must remember that you are dealing with adults so don’t patronise them. Use exercises that are relevant to the desired outcomes. Avoid anything that is silly, stupid or a waste of time.

10. Be passionate

The Trainer must show passion for their training. The delegates will pick up on this, remember, enthusiasm breeds enthusiasm.

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