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If I were 22 ag22 Yearsain, I would have more fun and be sillier and enjoy each and every second of the day,

I would focus more on my genuine friends and less on those that use me and take me for granted.

I would look for quality and allow those to mentor me.

I would invest more in myself to develop a keen sense of confidence and use my shyness to bring me back to basics.

I would appreciate all that my parents provided me with and be less critical of their every move.

I would spend more time with family instead of chasing down anyone who wants to be my girlfriend.

I would start my own family earlier to enjoy my offspring and learn to enjoy the child in me.


If I were 22 again I would hone my entrepreneurial skills  to develop a better business sense for the challenges to come, and

I would tell myself it’s okay to take more risks and explore new avenues and create more goals.

I would take more advice from others and shy away from the “I know it all” attitude.

I would stop chasing money as the key to success and fill my coffers with knowledge and skill to reach a solid grounding.

I would try and be a little more me and less of what others want me to be or what I must or mustn’t have or do.

I would cherish failure as a means to success,  if I were 22 again.

If I were 22 again, I would make more time to inspire my peers.


If I were 22 again I would buy a 4×4 sooner and explore more of Earths beautiful nature with its wild openness she has so blessed us with.

I would pray more and develop my relationship with my Creator and God to see and appreciate the good in others.

I would join more organisations that offer help and comfort to those in need rather than spend time focusing only on me.

I would try and be a nicer person to others and to myself.


If I were 22Happy oldies again, but I am not. I had my chance that day.

I have used my days of 22 to learn and guide me into my old age.

I cannot ever go back to repeat those days but I can use the lessons I learnt then to be

who I am today to have what I have and do what I do.

If I were 22 again.