Steps to ensure your project does not FAIL

Ketler7 easy steps to ensure your project

does not FAIL:

A successful project is one that sticks to a plan and stays clear of any element that can throw the project off course and cause it to fail.

 Here are 7 fast tracks to FAILURE, so ensure you avoid them…

  1. Handling problems:

A scope-less project is a hopeless project. When a problem arises, don’t follow the plan and advice from others — just throw money at a problem. Money is the cure for all problems.

  1. Don’t waste time analysing problems:

You’ve done this a million times before, that’s why you are the manager, so don’t listen to the experts. And — absolutely, above all, whatever you do — be sure to ignore the customer. You wouldn’t launch a project if you didn’t know everything, and what does anyone else know? So just fix it.

  1. Avoid big problems:

Most of our projects fail anyway, and we’ve got no time for them, either—we’re too busy putting out fires. So why fix something that isn’t broken?

  1. Forget quality:

Focus all your energy on time and cost, not quality. The project must happen and happen now which means that everything must be done yesterday. The budget is tight, so never let anyone spend money. Remember, there is no time for checking and meetings — just get it done.

  1. Don’t thank the team:

– just push them harder. Don’t waste time with planning, People ought to know what to do. Just tell the team to get it done now—or else.

  1. It’s ok if we don’t really stick to the plan:

Why bother with the plan when management did it anyway, and what do they know from their ivory tower. Rules are meant to be broken and so is the plan – we will just plan as we go along.

  1. Limit communication:

The team should only know what they have been told and no more. Too much knowledge is too much power. If they know everything and more than me, I am out of a job. They must come to me to solve their problems because I am the only one who can make decisions.

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 Planning a Project

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Developing the Plan

  • Learn how to complete a Charter; set up the Issues List; a Lesson-learnt list and how to assemble a team.

Overall Change Control

  • Manage Changes that occur during the Project Process.

Project Scope 

  • Discover how to set an appropriate target; learn how to recognise the different types of customers and how to define their exact needs.

Cost Management

  • Learn how to estimate costs and create a spending estimate.

Managing Risk

  • Managing problems that may occur and preventing them from impacting on the Project.

Executing the Plan

  • Monitoring the progress continually in the Execution Phase and learn how to identify risks that were not originally anticipated.

Closing out the Project

  • Evaluating the customer’s satisfaction and know how to assemble a Close-out report.


Anyone who is involved in Project Management and involved in teams where decisions and planning needs to be actioned.


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Consulting Engineers South Africa (CESA)


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