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Motivational talks

Motivational Talks

For a confidence booster or informative session, these talks are never longer than a half-day. Choose from a great range of available talks. Book a motivational talk with Trevor Ketler.



These courses range from 1 day to 5 days and are well worth the effort to attend. There is a wide range of courses that Trevor offers. Click to view upcoming courses.



Our Coaching and Mentorship programme for individuals (private or business), staff personnel and executives has a proven return on investment and the immediacy of positive change.

Against all odds book cover

Download this inspirational, short (20 minute read) e-book, "Against all odds", when you subscribe to my articles below.

Latest News

  • 5 Ways to use Intuition to Grow your Business

    5 Ways to use Intuition to Grow your Business

    Successful people such as Steve Jobs, Abraham Lincoln, Albert Einstein and so many others, have relied on Intuition to succeed. They have all said that once they have relied on their intuition, gut feel or sixth sense, the better decisions they were able to  make – the more successful they …Read More »
  • Intuition – the New Buzzword for Growing Your Business

    Intuition – the New Buzzword for Growing Your Business

    Every day of our lives we are making decisions: • what will I have for breakfast, • what am I going to wear, • what urgent tasks will I need to start off with, • what is best for my family, • where to go on holiday, etc, etc.   We have been trained to …Read More »
  • Strategic Business Intuition

    Strategic Business Intuition

  • Business Strategy Course

    Business Strategy Course

    According to Bloomberg, 8 out of 10 entrepreneurs who start businesses fail within the first 10 months. 80% just crash and burn. Why is this? The top three reasons are an absence of market need, running out of capital and not having a plan that generates longevity.   Objectives The …Read More »
  • Motivate Employees to Learn

    Motivate Employees to Learn

        In today’s current economic environment, companies have become selective in the training programs they select. They choose programs that will give employees immediate skill and knowledge which needs to be utilised immediately. They want a ROI. They want results. To achieve this, trainers need to be flexible in their approach, the strategies, …Read More »